Posted: August 13, 2004
HAUPPAUGE, NY: MAY 28, 2004 -- Crosstex International has introduced EcoTru® Professional, a nanoemulsion hospital-grade disinfectant and cleaner, which effectively kills Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and TB in five minutes. It is currently the only disinfectant registered with the EPA as Tox Category IV in all areas, including a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This breakthrough in antimicrobial technology is safe for people and the environment and requires no EPA warning labels or special handling statements.

EcoTru is non-oxidizing, non-acidic, and non-ionic so it will not corrode plastic, metallic or plexi-glass instruments and equipment. It does not present the kinds of health hazards associated with other disinfectants, is hypoallergenic, and contains no respiratory or ophthalmic irritants. EcoTru may be used to both clean and disinfect and requires no protective clothing as it is non-staining and will not damage clothing or carpeting.

EcoTru disinfectant nanoemulsion is a breakthrough in anti-microbial technology. Its specially formulated PCMX disinfectant nanoparticles are smaller than most bacteria and microorganisms. The EcoTru nanospheres act as a highly efficient vehicle for delivering a lethal dose of the biocide PCMX directly into the microbial membrane, as the negatively-charged nanospheres are naturally attracted to bond with the positively-charged microbial membrane.

EcoTru may be used to disinfect the entire dental unit, cuspidor, x-ray machine, countertops, overhead lamp handles, computer keyboards, and every other surface within the office including the ultra sonic cleaner. Instruments may also be pre-soaked in EcoTru before sterilization. In addition, it can be used with elastomeric impression material.

EcoTru is the only ready-to-use, hospital-grade disinfectant that has surpassed industry safety standards and does not require U.S. EPA handling, warning, or precautionary statements and is available exclusively through Crosstex.

Crosstex International provides the healthcare industry with innovative, high-quality infection control/single-use disposable products. For more information, call 888-Crosstex.

EcoTru is the registered Trademark of EnviroSystems Inc.

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