ADA Approves Digital ID

ADA Standards Committee Approves Project on Digital Identification Photographs
Posted: August 13, 2004
CHICAGO — The American Dental Association (ADA) Standards Committee on Dental Informatics has approved the following informatics new work item:

• Approved ADA New Work Item No. 1042 for Recommendations for Digital

Identification Photographs and Information
Currently, there are no recommendations or standards available on digital identification. The basis for this new work item is to determine what digital photographs and digital information can be captured and obtained by dental practitioners that would be useful in the event of a crisis, along with the references, views, and magnification of greatest value to law enforcement and other agencies. Included also are the format, storage media and mechanisms that are deemed most appropriate and beneficial.

This report is intended to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the identification of an individual in the event of a crisis when used with digital photographs and records captured and collected by dental practitioners.

If you are interested in participating in the working group for this new work item, or would like more detailed information, please contact Paul Bralower at 312-587-4129 or

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