Posted: August 13, 2004
MAPLE, ONTARIO: June 29, 2004 -- The MCC xgenus Intraoral X-Ray enables the user to capture both traditional and digital X-ray images from a single control in either AC or DC models. This provides flexibility and ease of use, while keeping costs down.

The xgenus Intraoral AC/DC X-Ray System can also operate as if it were actually two machines. Using a single timer control for two operatories, a low frequency (AC) Tube Head can be installed in one operatory and a medium frequency (DC) Tube Head installed in another. A single self-calibrating, microprocessor-controlled timer controls both and is easy to install, test, and operate. The Tube Head is made of metal casting, not the customary plastic, and was designed with the operator and patient safety in mind, as well as for product longevity.

Anatomical settings assure optimal images while exposure time can be increased or decreased with the push of a button and then locked in, if needed. The timer also has the capability to be set for an overall range of times to satisfy the individual dentist’s preference in film density. The system allows the operator to instantly switch from room to room and operate both controls from one place. The savings in time and money is significant.

In addition to the new dual-function feature, the xgenus also offers a choice of three arm lengths- short, regular, and long. The long represents the longest reach in the industry and is well suited for very large operatories.

Also new is the wall mount, which can be used as either a conventional top mount or a bottom mount. The bottom mount offers a unique feature as it pushes into the wall, which makes it more stable and easier to mount on the wall. Also available is an accessory wall mount board for 16” on center stud mounting or for use in covering previous installations. The xgenus is manufactured by deGotzen of Italy.

MCC has provided intelligent engineering and smart design to meet the needs of the modern dental operatory for more than 30 years. They are committed to offering customers the highest quality products at affordable prices. For more x-ray information, call 905-417-3272, 877-557-4888, send an email to info@mccdental.com, or go to www.mccdental.com.


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