Chocolatté™ Prophy Paste

NUPRO® Chocolatté™ - A Healthy Obsession with Chocolate
Posted: February 21, 2005

DENTSPLY Professional is pleased to announce the introduction of NUPRO® Chocolatté™ Prophy Paste. NUPRO® Chocolatté is a rich tasting chocolate flavor that is available in fine, medium, and coarse grits. Chocolatté is sure to satisfy that chocolate craving without any of the guilt. Try the new Chocolatté flavor in NUPRO® Child Variety Pack, available in medium grit with Chocolatté, BubbleExtreme™, Mint, and Razzberry.

The Chocolatté flavor was inspired by Corinne Goforth, R.D.H., who is the winner of the NUPRO Prophy Paste Flavor Sweepstakes. Corinne will receive an annual supply of NUPRO Prophy Paste for her entry and a Marriott® travel package.

NUPRO Prophy Paste is available in eleven great tasting flavors and offers the widest selection of flavors and grits. NUPRO Prophy Paste offers excellent stain removal and polishing performance in a truly splatter-free formula.

For more information or a free sample, please call DENTSPLY Professional Customer Service at 1-800-989-8826.

Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
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