Posted: February 21, 2005

Clinical research demonstrates that The Doctor’s® BrushPicks®, the World’s Best Toothpicks™, significantly reduce gingivitis and bleeding better than a leading floss (Glide®). Both products reduce plaque. The research appeared in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry (January 2002).

Drs. Samuel L. Yankell and Xiuren Shi, in conjunction with Dr. Robert C. Emling of International Dental Research, Ltd., conducted the clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine to evaluate the efficacy of the two products in the reduction of plaque, gingivitis and bleeding. Sixty-two patients completed the double-blind, four-week study, using either product in addition to regular brushing. The superiority of BrushPicks over floss was most dramatic in reduction of bleeding on probing: “Considering that bleeding is an important attribute of the status of soft tissue health, it is important to note that the reduction in bleeding sites for the BrushPicks subjects went from about 23 percent at the beginning of the study to 4 percent by the conclusion at four weeks. This dramatic decrease in acute bleeding was even apparent by 2 weeks, where the rate had fallen to 8 percent.” In contrast, dental floss had no significant impact on bleeding over the course of the study.

“The significant differences in oral health for the group using BrushPicks are attributed to the flexibility and unique design of the device, and the ease of use, compared to flossing,” the experts report in “Efficacy and Safety of BrushPicks, a New Cleaning Aid, Compared to the Use of Glide Floss.”

The space between teeth is “one of the most difficult areas for people to keep clean and free of decaying food and plaque organisms,” the researchers note. “As a result, the area is prone to the development of periodontal disease and caries. It has been documented that if the area can be kept clean, periodontal disease is reduced.” The experts also point to research demonstrating that “standard manual toothbrushes do not effectively clean between the teeth.”

BrushPicks are flexible plastic toothpicks, with distinctly different features at either end. One end is a narrow 3-sided blade that slips comfortably in the gaps between teeth. Its grooved edging helps dislodge particles, remove plaque and massage gums. The other end is a narrow probe with six side bristles. Moving the probe in and out, or twirling it in the space between teeth removes particles that could otherwise ruin one’s smile, breath or health. Flexible 2.5-inch BrushPicks go where wooden toothpicks can’t, and they won’t damage dental work.

The Doctor’s® BrushPicks are sold in the oral care section of food, drug and mass merchandise stores in packs of 60, 120 and 250, and also in convenient refillable keychain dispensers. For more information, visit or call 201-576-9700.

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