New 7 Mega Pixel Camera

New Dine Digital Solution 7 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
Posted: February 22, 2005

The New Dine Solution 7 Mega Pixel camera is now available for intra-oral photography. The system has been designed by Dine to accomplish a full range of intra-oral photography from posterior quadrants (the traditional 1:1) to full facials. The camera can photograph off of intra-oral mirrors to accomplish full arch and lingual picture taking. The Dine Digital Solution weighs less than a pound. The camera’s rotateable video screen allows users to customize the angle of the camera’s video screen. Pict-Bridge Technology built into the camera’s firmware allows for direct access to many of today’s most popular color printers. In addition to the camera, a full array of accessories are included in the Dine Digital Solution package, including carrying case, cheek retractors, intra-oral mirror, 128mg and 32 mg memory cards, memory card reader and rechargeable battery and charger. Dine’s Pixelease imaging software is also supplied. This program is capable of managing images in patient files, recording and cross referencing case data, running slide presentations, providing cosmetic simulations such as closing diastemas and whitening, as well as letter writing and image layouts for printing. The price of the complete Dine Digital Solution consisting of 7mp Digital Camera, Pixelease Imaging Software , and accessories is $1595.00.

For more information, please visit or call 1-800-624-9103.

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