New Digital X-ray Kit

Visiodent and Video Dental Concepts Unveil Second Wireless Digital Radiography System: VRW
Posted: February 24, 2005

Video Dental Concepts announces the release of a new Digital X-ray kit called VRW. This unique concept will be presented at the DTA Preview Show at the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting on Feb. 24, 2005 by Dr. Jacques Sebag, President and CEO of Visiodent, and Claude Berthoin, President of Video Dental Concepts.

The main difference between VRW and the Schick wireless systems is that ours is “wireless where it needs to be,” said Berthoin. “We are providing a short pigtail to the sensor, thereby eliminating the need for batteries and therefore the cost and hassle of replacing same.”

The images are transmitted via WIFI from a transmitter located on the X-ray arm to a receiver connected to a computer via USB 2.0. Additional receivers will be available for each computerized Op . VRW is also an ideal system for those practices that look for an alternative to computers in the ops as It can be used in combination with our “DOT” tablet for superb mobility. For further info, call (800) 323-2690. Also check out

VRW® Specifications:
Theoretical resolution: 22.72pl/mm
Real resolution: 20 pl/mm
Grey levels: 16384 (14 Bytes)
Pixel size: 22u 2
Technology: CCD + scintillator.
Available in size 1 and 2

About Video Dental Concepts:
Video Dental Concepts has been providing dentists with the most innovative imaging equipment for 15 years now. OVS, 1st component Intraoral Camera; Sens-A-Ray, 2d Digital X-ray system; DOT,first operatory tablet; as well as Quickcam, Quickray, Quickvision, MiniCam, Oracam, CoolBlu products. All products are reviewed by CRA and by many prominent lecturers.

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