Plaque Patrol

Plaque Patrol
Posted: February 24, 2005

The new era of educating children about Dental Health is finally here. It would seem that sending a dancing tooth to a sixth grade classroom is no longer the best approach. Enter Plaque Patrol.

Plaque Patrol is a story about a group of kids that are transformed into plaque fighting super heroes to help Dr Doug fight a mutant strain of plaque known as Plaque X.

The official launch of Plaque Patrol is now here. Plaque Patrol's creator, Steven Ahola is thrilled to announce that Plaque Patrol is available to the world, starting with one community at a time. Residents of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo are the lucky ones to be the first to get their hands on this exciting new tool for educating children on proper dental care.

Initially designed to promote the Cambridge Centre Dental Office, in Cambridge Ontario, Steven created Plaque Patrol and the Kid's Club as a way for children to feel more comfortable about going to see their dentist. Steven has now seen his creation become much more than initially intended. The first issue of the Plaque Patrol comic book was released in November 2004, and the web site offering games and downloads was launched at the same time.

The Plaque Patrol web site offers a Dentist Locator, for children and parents to search any province and find a dentist or specialist nearest them. The web site offers a chance to play some exciting Plaque fighting games, and has screensaver downloads as well as an excerpt of the comic book and colouring sheets for kids.

With the addition of the Shop Zone, children and parents alike can purchase various Plaque Patrol gifts and products including the first issue of the Plaque Patrol comic book. The Plaque Patrol web site even offers a chance to get regular personalized updates from members of the Plaque Patrol sent to your email account.

"I just love the idea that something I created is being enjoyed by so many people, especially kids. As a person who still hasn't really to grown up, I feel that I can be comfortable and create at a child's level." Says Steven Ahola.

Having worked for such companies as Disney and Nelvana studios and the National Film Board of Canada. "I asked myself one day, do I want to get up every day and be a plumber, or do I want to create fun stuff that people will enjoy." Ahola says.

Steven has made the right choice to be a creative mind in the world of Children's entertainment and does it very well. As the President of Aholattafun Ltd. in Cambridge, Steven spends much of his time creating new and exciting entertainment properties, but admits that he has to do some "real" work in order to pay the bills.

Plaque Patrol is expected to show significant growth over the course of 2005, and offer more exciting issues of the Plaque Patrol comic series every other month.

"Hopefully we can see the full-length movie sooner than later, and the Plaque Patrol console video game is in the works." Said Steven. "In the meantime, I like the idea of creating positive entertainment for kids, and with any luck they will learn something."

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