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FREE Publication: OSHA Regulatory Compliance Focus
Posted: February 25, 2005

Knowing about OSHA's mandate to have a safety program in place and having one that is user-friendly are often two different things. The consequences of being without one can be costly in terms of regulatory noncompliance and the health and safety of dental workers.

The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) can help! OSAP's April issue of Infection Control in Practice (ICIP) will focus on assisting the dental team develop and maintain an easy-to-implement, comprehensive safety program. Tips and tools relating to your office's Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Program, Ergonomics, General Safety and Hazardous Waste Programs will be detailed in step-by-step instructions, charts and checklists.

This special publication helps meet the dental team’s need for regulatory compliance as mandated by OSHA while providing an opportunity for continuing education credits. As part of OSAP’s mission – "To be the world's leading source of education and information to promote evidence-based infection control and safety polices and practices in dentistry” – this issue will be available for free download from the OSAP website for a limited time. Go to www.osap.org to download your FREE copy.

For more information on OSAP, visit www.osap.org or contact the OSAP central office at (800) 298-0SAP (6727).

OSAP is the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures. Founded in 1984, the non-profit association is dentistry’s premier resource for infection control and safety information. Through its publications, courses, website, and worldwide collaborations, OSAP and the tax-exempt OSAP Foundation support education, research, service, and policy development to promote safety and the control of infectious diseases in dental healthcare settings worldwide.

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