Chairside Film Processor

New Chairside Film Processor from Kodak Offers Convenient Alternative to Darkroom Processing
Posted: February 25, 2005

A new chairside film processor from Kodak provides a convenient, cost-effective alternative to darkrooms.

The KODAK Chairside Film Processor features a small footprint and ergonomic design, and needs no electrical source or plumbing connection. A portable unit, it is especially ideal for practices such as mobile dental clinics and veterinary services. Chairside processors can also serve as back-up systems for practices that use digital radiography as their primary diagnostic imaging technology.

The new KODAK Chairside Film Processor accommodates size 0-4 dental films. A free sample pack of KODAK INSIGHT Intraoral Dental Film and KODAK Rapid Access Chemicals are included with each processor purchase.

“This is a great processor,” said Bill Rosenblad, DVM. “The interior set-up is intuitive and easy to use, and the seals for the hand holes are very comfortable. We also find it much easier to keep clean than our old box. It’s a great addition to our practice.”

“With the KODAK Chairside Film Processor, we’ve broadened our portfolio to include a comprehensive solution for those customers that require manual processing,” said Kalpana Singh, global product manager, Kodak’s Dental Systems Group. “As a straightforward, small-footprint option, the new processor is ideal for customers who don’t require high-volume, intensive film processing. And it rounds out our full portfolio of KODAK products, which now offers everything needed for a manual solution including film, chemistry and manual processing.”

For more information about the KODAK Chairside Film Processor, call 1-800-933-8031, visit Kodak’s Health Imaging Dental Systems Group website at or contact your regional KODAK products representative.

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