Posted: March 7, 2005

Due to the overwhelming and enthusiastic response, the DentalEZ Group announces the availability of its ADAA-sponsored Seating Seminar Roundtable at this year’s upcoming Hinman Dental Meeting on Thursday, March 17th from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. The seminar will be held on the exhibit floor at the end of aisle 700.

Titled “Proper Positioning for a Healthier Work Environment,” this presentation provides a detailed overview of seating posture and positioning, and discusses the many steps dental assistants can take to increase their comfort and productivity in the dental office. Topics of discussion include:

  • Are you adapting yourself to fit your environment or adapting your environment to fit you?
  • How the relationship between you and your environment can reduce or eliminate physical problems and metal stress.
  • How to increase productivity in a healthy way.

Aggie Pennington, Senior Product Manager of the DentalEZ Group, developed the seminar, which she originally presented to a full room of over forty dental assistants at the 2004 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. “Many of the roundtable attendees expressed that they did not know how to sit properly,” says Pennington. “Improper posture and unsuitably designed equipment can cause cumulative trauma and repetitive stress injuries. When seminar attendees realize that something as simple as sitting in the right kind of stool can help alleviate and often eliminate fatigue and pain, I see their eyes light up. To a dental assistant, this can mean the difference between enjoying their job and truly loving it.”

Additional ADAA-sponsored Seating Seminar Roundtables are scheduled for the 2005 Greater New York Dental Meeting and the 2006 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. For more information on seminar locations and times, send an e-mail to:

Photo Caption: Using seating designed specifically for a particular job function can prevent physical and mental stress. Foreground: DentalEZ Premium Dentist’s Stool. Background: DentalEZ Premium Assistant’s Stool

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