Posted: March 4, 2005

INTRAVANTAGE, INC., a developer and marketer of drug delivery technology for medical and dental applications, today announced the introduction of the IntraFlow™ HTP for dental pain management applications. The IntraFlow™ System is the only one-step anesthesia delivery technology that is immediate, reliable, and eliminates facial numbness and patient discomfort, during and after the dental procedure—unlike the discomfort normally associated with traditional “block” injections.

Breakthrough for the Patient
According to the U.S. Surgeon General, approximately 80% of all Americans do not like to go to the dentist because they fear pain. Research also indicates that patients do not like the lingering numbness in their lips, cheek and tongue after they leave the dentist office. The IntraFlow™ HTP solves both of these problems.

The IntraFlow™ HTP delivers anesthetic to the targeted tooth in a pain–free injection. Patients who experience the IntraFlow™ System say it provides immediate comfort without the side effects associated with traditional, block needle/syringe injection. Patients do not perceive the IntraFlow™ injection process as getting the “big shot” normally performed with a long, 1_” needle. Because the anesthetic is isolated to the targeted tooth, there is no lingering numbness when the patient leaves the office. They can go back to their daily lives and activities—immediately—they can eat, drink, talk, and be happy!

Breakthrough for the Dentist
The IntraFlow™ HTP system improves dental office productivity. It saves time and is easy to use for most everyday procedures. Because anesthesia is immediate, the IntraFlow™ System saves between 7 – 12 minutes of chair-time per patient. Additionally, clinicians may perform work in multiple quadrants of the patient’s mouth in a single visit—thus mitigating the need for a follow-up appointment. Clinical research further supports the superior efficacy of the IntraFlow™ technique for immediate, profound, deep pulpal anesthesia. The Company is also making available an on-line training course on the clinical and scientific background on the intraosseous technique—which carries 4.0 ADA/CERP-approved education credits.

Additional Background
IntraVantage, Inc., (the “Company”) is a privately-held company based in Plymouth, Minnesota; and is a growth stage medical device company focused on hard-tissue, delivery/extraction systems for the dental and medical markets.

The IntraFlow™ HTP has been cleared by the FDA. Manufacturing is performed within the U.S. with certain components sourced internationally. IntraVantage, Inc., has been identified as one of the Top 25 to Watch in 2005 according to Twin Cities Business Monthly, a Minnesota-based business publication. Furthermore, the IntraFlow™ system has been well-received through unsolicited coverage by certain ABC-TV network affiliates.

The Company’s technology is protected by U.S. and International patent laws. The Company’s first FDA-cleared product, the IntraFlow™ Anesthesia Delivery System, was released in 2003 for distribution in the United States, targeted at the dental market which performs over 324 million injections per year. International distribution is planned for 2006.

Development of the new IntraFlow™ HTP system was a collaborative effort between the Company, MetaPhase Design Group, Inc., a leader in the ergonomic design of hand-held instruments and Pro-Dex Micro Motors, a leader in technology-based solutions that incorporate embedded motion control and miniature rotary drive systems, serving the medical, dental, semi-conductor, and scientific research markets. The Company retains all intellectual property rights associated with such efforts.

The IntraFlow™ HTP is sold through major dental distributors, such as Sullivan-Schein Dental, Patterson Dental Supply, Benco Dental Supply and Pearson Dental. Shipments of the new IntraFlow™ HTP are planned for the 2nd quarter of 2005.

Leveraging the engineering and clinical breakthroughs of its technology platform, Company plans include delivery and aspiration systems for orthopedic, spine, and bone marrow applications. Medical applications of its technology are appropriate in a variety of situations wherein “traditional” delivery mechanisms are inadequate or less effective. The technology platform has broad applications in various situations including: a) orthopedic, b) neurosurgical, c) chemotherapy, d) pediatric drug delivery, e) emergency/field resuscitation, and f) veterinary applications. In assessing the most significant development and licensing opportunities of the Company’s technology, orthopedic, neurosurgical, and certain cardiovascular applications have emerged as clear and compelling targets—wherein the Company intends to establish a new “standard of care” for practitioners and their patients.

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