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New All-In-One Oral Health System Offers Error Free Home Care to Ensure Patient Compliance
Posted: July 6, 2004
Escondido, Calif – The new HydraBrush Ultra is the first all-in-one oral health system providing simultaneous, brushing, massaging, flossing and rinsing. Often referred to as, “an automatic car wash for the mouth”, the unique, innovative design includes six brushes and four water jets that self-adjust to the patient’s oral cavity. Operating on the modified bass technique, (810 strokes per minute for effective interproximal penetration) the brush heads lock into position to ensure all six surfaces of the teeth, anterior and posterior, are properly brushed, and gums properly massaged. The four water jets are preset to water floss along the gum line and between the teeth making HydraBrush Ultra ideal for administering liquid dentifrices and medicaments such as Chlorahexidine. Designed to remove human error and thus ensure patient compliance, HydraBrush Ultra is clinically proven to excel in plaque and stain reduction and the improvement of gingival health all in one minute or less! Safe, fast, effective and easy-to-use, it is ideal for all of your patients, including patients with implants, orthodontics, periodontal problems, cosmetic restorations, such as veneers, as well as the mentally or physically challenged. The ease of use of HydraBrush makes this a must have for all your patients! With an array of brush sizes (small, standard and extended reach) and styles (ultra soft and soft) HydraBrush Ultra can be tailored to meet any patients oral care needs. For more information or to order HydraBrush Ultra visit or phone (800) 581-9834.
Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
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