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Dr. Doug Depew has been practicing in the Northwest suburbs of Atlanta Georgia since 1990. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia, received his dental degree from the Medical College of Georgia, and received his certificate in orthodontics and master's degree from Baylor...
Santosh Patel, President and Co-Founder of Complete Specialty Solutions, is committed to driving collaboration between general dentists and specialists by providing a turnkey in-house specialty solution. With over 15 years of large-scale operations experience in both the medical and dental...
After eight years of higher education, paying 100% of costs himself, Dr. John A. Wilde spent two years in the Army Dental Corp before beginning a practice from scratch in Keokuk, Iowa. By age thirty, he was debt-free, owning outright his new country home and the practice he’d designed and had...
Gabriel Asulin is an international expert in the management and marketing of dental Practices and the author of the book "Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business - the Gabriel Asulin Method". The book has been translated also into Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian and Hebrew and is...
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