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How-To Fix Burnout: A Cautionary Tale with Dr.  To kick off our new series of episodes on burnout in dentistry, we have Dr. Brett Kessler joining us. As a dentist, 14th district ADA trustee, and addiction recovery advocate, Dr. Kessler discusses the pitfalls of unaddressed burnout and how he...
How-To Keep Chairs Full by Using Data with Weston We are wrapping up our series on filling chairs with our CEO Weston Lunsford as we get into how data affects the schedule. The patient demographic is changing to an online model. Many patients don't just want to be able to schedule online; they...
How-To Reduce No Shows with Drew Dickinson  Sick of confirmations and reminders? Tired of waiting for already late patients to fill out their paperwork? Katie and Curtis are at it again with Drew Dickinson, RDH, and co-creator of Modento.  They get into: -Communication with patients and its...
How-To Fill Chairs by Diagnosing Future Treatment  It’s hard enough to build a practice… so how can you rebuild one multiple times? According to our guest, you do the right thing for patients at the right time with the right people, and everything else falls into place. Join us this week for a...
How-To Fill Chairs with Same-Day Dentistry  If you’re listening to this podcast, you want higher production. But where should you start? This week we learn about the 5 steps that can double or triple practice productivity from Wendy Briggs and Dr. John Meis of the Team Training Institute and...
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