Dental All-Stars
Dental All-Stars
Dental All-Stars is a business and practice management podcast for Dentists looking to improve their profitability and mindset. Guests include top experts in dentistry!
Shelly VanEpps

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AACD’s State of the Dental Industry with Mike DiFrisco
State of the Dental Industry DiFrisco    Read More
Is a Dental Consultant Worth It? with Larry Guzzardo
Is a dental consultant worth it? L. Guzzardo    Read More
The Last Lecture with Randy Pausch
The Last Lecture Randy Pausch    Read More
The Psychology of Insurance Freedom with Eric Vickery
Psychology Insurance Freedom Vickery    Read More
The Patient Experience and Technology with Ryan White
Patient Experience Technology Ryan White     Read More
You'd be surprised to learn that patients EXPECT to be asked to refer. Watch the episode:    Read More
It's a big problem when any business activity depends on a single person. Watch the Episode:    Read More
Understand how the Team can use a permission statement to help patients. Watch the Episode:    Read More
Why don't patients refer more often? Watch the episode:    Read More
Dentists are Artists AND Business Owners. Nurture each! Watch the Episode:    Read More
Displaying 76-100 of 131
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