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WTHJH Episode 109: You Can’t Pay People in Chicken
On this episode of , CEDR CEO Paul Edwards sits down with Compliance Specialist and Digital Communications Coordinator Ally Dagnino to discuss a high-profile case in which an employer tried to pay employees with chicken sandwiches instead of dollars. Paul and Ally break down the compliance...  Read More
Independent Contractors vs. Employees: What's the difference?
Today on Live From HR Base Camp, HR expert Kurt Tullar will be joining CEDR co-founder and CEO Paul Edwards again, as they discuss properly classifying your workforce. If your practice is like most, there’s a good chance any independent contractors you have hired could actually be your...  Read More
Paying Employees for Travel and Seminar Time
Should your employee be on the clock when attending a seminar? How about when travelling to one? CEDR’s CEO and co-founder Paul Edwards is joined by HR expert Chris Lessard to discuss what you, as the employer, must pay for when an employee travels or attends a conference. ...  Read More
Throwing a holiday party for your practice
It's that time of year! Holiday parties are always fun, but they can also easily get out of control and cause serious workplace issues. CEDR CEO Paul Edwards joins today's special guest HR expert Michelle Oliver to discuss how to throw a fun, drama-free party for your employees. ...  Read More
Leave Management for Small Offices
In this podcast Paul Edwards and Michelle Oliver discuss the need to properly address leaves of absence for situations such as medical or temporary disability, by including a properly written policy in your employee handbook. Warning: Not all policies are properly written. ...  Read More
9 Things You Never Want to Hear An Employee Say - Live from HR Base Camp Podcast #4
Today’s Live from HR Base Camp podcast is hosted by Paul and Kurt, and they’ll be discussing what to do if you learn an employee has been saying problematic things. 9 Things Click to subscribe to CEDR's Podcast   Read More
Maternity Leave - Live from HR Base Camp Podcast #3
Today's episode of Live from HR Base Camp deals with maternity leave, and making sure your practice has the right policies in place. Join Paul and special guest Grace as they discuss common scenarios that can play out when an employee becomes pregnant. ...  Read More
Strategies for transitioning when buying a new practice - Live From HR Base Camp Podcast #2
Today, Kurt joins Paul again for Live From HR Base Camp, this time to discuss strategies for having a smooth transition when taking over a new practice Transitioning Into A New Practice Click to subscribe to CEDR's Podcast   Read More
Quitting Without Notice - Live From HR Base Camp Podcast #1
Today’s episode of Live from HR Basecamp discusses situations where an employee quits or leaves without notice. We’ll tackle some common scenarios, and how to handle them in a way that protects both you and your practice. Quitting Without Notice...  Read More
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