Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
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All About Implant Dentistry with Danny Domingue : Howard Speaks Podcast #124
Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124                         Howard and Danny discuss everything implantology, including whether or not...  Read More
Oral Radiology: Past Present & Future with Anthony Mecham : Howard Speaks Podcast #123
Is CBCT now standard for general dentists? When should you refer out to a radiologist? Are we giving patients brain tumors? Listen in.Stream Audio here:                                     AUDIO - Anthony Mecham - HSP #123                        Watch Video here:                                 ...  Read More
Is Your Front Desk Missing Something? with Mary Beth Bajornas : Howard Speaks Podcast #122
"Some practices don't even have voice mail. They just ring incessantly when they're not in the office". If this sounds even remotely familiar, Mary Beth has your solution.Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Mary Beth Bajornas - HSP #122                        Watch Video...  Read More
Modern Practice Management with Bruce Stephenson : Howard Speaks Podcast #121
"Dentists are not interested in business" - Dr. StephensonStream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Bruce Stephenson - HSP #121                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Bruce Stephenson - HSP #121                        Practice...  Read More
Patient Amazement with Shep Hyken : Howard Speaks Podcast #119
Part of taking care of your staff is teaching them how to wow your patients. Teach your staff how to amaze your patients every time.Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Shep Hyken - HSP #119                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO -...  Read More
Solid Team Development with Linda Miles : Howard Speaks Podcast #118
A common goal is just the beginning. An effective team has to not only agree on the end, but also the means to that end.Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Linda Miles - HSP #118                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Linda...  Read More
Women Leaders with Gina Dorfman : Howard Speaks Podcast #117
"Women make excellent leaders but, just like any other skill, leadership skills need to be learned."Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Gina Dorfman - HSP #117                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Gina Dorfman - HSP #117     ...  Read More
Thrive In The Digital World with Scott Menaker : Howard Speaks Podcast #116
"Having technology for the sake of having it is pretty stupid. Having it when it's to your useful advantage is the key."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Scott Menaker - HSP #116 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Scott...  Read More
Stop Caring with Mac Lee : Howard Speaks Podcast #115
Stop caring about what your patients might think. You're not in control of others' thoughts or feelings. Whether it's a procedure a patient needs, or accountability for your staff, be polite, and just tell them plainly what they need to hear.Stream Audio here: ...  Read More
Is Periodontics Dead? with Charles Schlesinger, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #114
"We should try to save teeth if we can...because no matter what we put in, they're never going to be as good as the teeth the patient has started out with."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Charles Schlesinger - HSP #114 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
Keep It Safe And Simple with Jan Kielhorn : Howard Speaks Podcast #113
"Germany is the country of engineers. We have solutions that are perfect, technically, but they are not simple to maintain."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Jan Kielhorn - HSP #113 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Jan...  Read More
Magic Words with Patrick Wahl : Howard Speaks Podcast #112
"Instead of saying 'I have to', say 'I get to'"Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Patrick Wahl - HSP #112 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Patrick Wahl - HSP #112 Patrick Wahl served as the Director...  Read More
Marketing Fallacies (And How To Defeat Them) with James McAnally : Howard Speaks Podcast #111
"We're a gadget-oriented profession...The reality is patients don't care about any of these things unless it's going to make their life easier, faster, cheaper, better, less painful..." Tell your patients--in their language--the actual benefits of these gadgets.Stream Audio here: ...  Read More
All About Disability Insurance with Edward Comitz : Howard Speaks Podcast #110
Is disability insurance right for you? Educate yourself about why and when to get disability insurance, and what to avoid when you do.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Edward Comitz - HSP #110 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
Digital Dentistry Is Here To Stay with Frank Lauciello : Howard Speaks Podcast #109
Listen to Dr. Frank Lauciello's insights into the changes in the industry. Digital is here to stay, maybe you should get on board.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Frank Lauciello - HSP #109 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
Earthquake Dentistry with Neil Pande : Howard Speaks Podcast #108
Despite the devestating earthquakes in Nepal, Dr. Neil Pande has been thriving. Listen to why he compares our teeth to the earth, and to what he calls Earthquake Dentistry.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Neil Pande - HSP #108 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
Lasers: The 'Star Wars' of Dentistry with Fred Margolis : Howard Speaks Podcast #107
Listen to how Fred Margolis, DDS has used lasers to get to where he is today--and it might not be how you think!Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Fred Margolis - HSP #107 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Fred Margolis -...  Read More
Fix Your Marketing! with Michael Barr : Howard Speaks Podcast #106
Between marketing, "organized dentistry", and guns see how many absolute gems you can pick up from this frank discussion between Howard and Michael Barr, DDS.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Michael Barr - HSP #106 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
Implement Systems! with Mark Costes, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #105
Dr. Costes had three years between undergrand and dental school to figure out what he was doing. Now he shares the unique principles he learned during that time, and how he's applying them to dental. Watch Video here: VIDEO - Mark Costes - HSP #105 ...  Read More
Word Of Mouth…Online with Jack Hadley : Howard Speaks Podcast #104
Plenty of dentists squirm at the thought of social media marketing. But social media marketing is not scary at all when you realize it's just word of mouth…online.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Jack Hadley - HSP #104 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
All About Posterior Composites with Ron Jackson, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #103
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Ron Jackson - HSP #103 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Ron Jackson - HSP #103 Have composites completely replaced amalgam? Is amalgam obsolete? Listen to Howard...  Read More
How To Help Sleep Apnea Patients with Erin Elliott, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #102
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Erin Elliott - HSP #102 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Erin Elliott - HSP #102 Listen to Erin Elliott explain how you can specialize, and why you should...  Read More
Today's Gum Recession Treatment with John Chao, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #101
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - John Chao - HSP #101 Watch Video here:With traditional methods like gum grafting, Dr. Chao says, "[He] was unable to get the results I wanted. So I realized I had to develop new instruments." Listen to find out the...  Read More
The Future of Aesthetic Orthodontics with Tif Qureshi, BDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #100
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Tif Qureshi - HSP #100 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Tif Qureshi - HSP #100 Some patients with crowded teeth will never think about going to an orthodontist....  Read More
Dying From Dirty Teeth with Angie Stone, RDH : Howard Speaks Podcast #99
Stream Audio here: Watch Video here:Angie Stone explains why nursing homes are almost always ill-equipped when it comes to oral hygiene, and how to help the patients there keep their teeth! VIDEO - Angie Stone - HSP #99 ...  Read More
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