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We Found The Answer To The Cause-Effect Questions

We Found The Answer To The Cause-Effect Questions

11/12/2018 9:46:53 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 224

We Found The Answers To The Cause-Effect Questions Of The NBDHE (Nationals).


If you read the National Dental Hygiene Board Exams (NBDHE) official guidelines, you no longer see those “statement – reasoning, or cause-effect” questions that look like this:

Q: Spore testing is used because of its ability to verify the proper functioning of sterilizers.

Both the statement and reason are correct and related.
Both the statement and reason are correct but NOT related.
The statement is correct, but the reason is NOT.
 The statement is NOT correct, but the reason is correct.
E. Neither the statement NOR the reason is correct.

Since the NBDHE (National Board Dental Hygiene Examination) deleted this type of question from their official guidelines, we all assumed that we said forever goodbye.

However, numerous members of StudentRDH dental hygiene boards prep has reported seeing as many as 10 questions in this format among the total number of 350 questions. Some also report to have seen none, but the average seems to be 2-3 “cause-effect” questions.

“The cause-effect questions are still there, sorry!”

We have the exact answer to this mystery. Here is the direct answer from the ADA:

“Our website does not indicate that cause and effect questions will no longer be on the exam. At some point, the cause-and-effect questions will phase out, but have not at this point.” - ADA representative

I would like to thank Paden from Wallace State CC, one of our followers to share this direct communication with us.

It is somewhat disappointing to see the disconnect between the guidelines and the actual national dental hygiene boards. This board is one of the most important exams the student will ever take and today, I wanted to share this important piece of information.

NBDHE guidelines, StudentRDH, Drntal Hygiene boards

StudentRDH Step-by-Step boards review solution made modifications to the content according to the latest guidelines. But since we still see those “cause-effect” questions, we created an exclusive PDF that gathered just those types of questions. Visit Our Website!

“In case you run into those questions, don't be thrown off. Practice now and get ready.

I hope that this information was helpful. As the founder of StudentRDH, my goal is to create success stories by providing the most trusted (online) STEP-BY-STEP solution and the latest news about the boards. If you have any questions, you can always reach me at

Claire RDH, MS, BS (Founder and CEO of StudentRDH)

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