Take Your Dental Practice To the Next Level with Dental Practice Solutions!
Take Your Dental Practice To the Next Level with Dental Practice Solutions!
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AMP Up Your Implant Profits in 2019!

AMP Up Your Implant Profits in 2019!

1/17/2019 7:36:27 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 40

There is a lot out in the world of dentistry for the General Dental to take advantage of.

Most dentists in 2019, want to AMP up their production by placing more implants. A few weeks ago, I sat down with Dr. Peter Vanstrom, to talk about how you can AMP up your implant profits in 2019!

Keep reading to learn more about our conversation and click the video below to listen in to our conversation.

Dr. Vanstrom and I, will be hosting courses in 2019 so you doctor, can AMP up your implant profits this year!

1. How can a dentist learn about implant services?

There are various dental implant companies as a resource to learn how to AMP up your implant placement in 2019. Look at these companies first.

This is a start to get a great education about placing dental implants.

2. How do patients feel about implants being placed in their mouth?

Patients do feel nervous about implants being placed in their mouth. It is surgery and they get worked up about placing a screw in their jaw.

I know that would make me nervous! What about you?!

Compassionate Confidence

Especially when placing implants, you have to feel confident.

It’s important to know deep down, that you are trained, and you are an expert in placing implants. You and the patient must understand that the implant will result in a tooth. This is a tooth that will last indefinitely in their mouth. At least this is our goal when placing an implant.

Patient pays one time and it will last a lifetime.

Patients must understand that you will place a beautiful crown over that implant. For patients concerned about aesthetics this is important information to discuss with them.

Possibly, you will place two implants on the mandible and then snap a denture into that. Patients need to know that this denture will fit comfortably, it should be something that lasts the rest of their life. They pay one time for this service. It lasts the rest of their life, unlike a denture which needs to be relined and can become uncomfortable, causing pain and sores in their mouth.

Doctor, you have the specific education and special training to do this. You are going “Beyond what you learned in dental school!”

Also important is your level of confidence. You must also be compassionate.

Sometimes, as dental professionals, we may not deeply understand what it feels like to lose a tooth. It can feel very traumatic for our patient. It’s a big deal for the patient to lose their tooth!

Patients want to feel confident that you, their dentist, can put their teeth they lost, back into place. Many patients won’t say this to you but, losing a tooth feels traumatic. It may feel like they lost a limb.

If you are confident, compassionate and understanding of your patient losing their tooth (teeth), you patient will also feel more confident having you replace their tooth.

Yes, it costs a lot of money to replace teeth and implant dentistry is expensive, it usually goes outside the insurance box (Yes, your patients put themselves into that “insurance box” …. right?!) where the doctor and the team, must offer “flexible financial options.” The front office team must have various options for third-party payments that assists patients with payment for implant services.

A very important piece to know if you want to AMP up your implants in 2019, is for the back-office team and doctor, to know the valuable words to say to your individual patients, how to overcome the potential patient objections and so much more.

Each patient will respond differently so you must understand each patients “hot-buttons,” their motivators and also their objections, even before they tell you what those are. AND, patients may not even understand their true objection, but they are letting you know they do not want an implant.

It’s our role as the dental professional, to sift through all the non-verbal communication and get our patient to want what they need. This is part of the “art in dentistry.” This is the active listening we must understand thoroughly.
Case acceptance is working with your patients to help them understand the value of completing implant dentistry. You must create a collaboration with your patient and help them make the best decision for their total health.

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