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National Dental Hygiene Board Exam + Local Anesthesial Dental Hygiene Board Exams Review Online Courses
StudentRDH offers Local Anesthesia + National boards review solution. It features everything you need to pass the NBDHE: 23 subjects, 2000 questions, mock exam. Study on your phone, tablet, and computer. "StudentRDH is BETTER than anything else!"
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50 Days Check, Make A New Goal + Plan!

50 Days Check, Make A New Goal + Plan!

3/1/2019 8:00:05 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 34


50 Days Check, Make A New Goal + Plan!

It’s been 50 days since the new year has started. That means, 1/6th of the entire year has passed, already! Are you following your new year’s resolution? Any progress? Any setbacks? If you have 2 minutes, here is a mini template that can help you reflect on your goals or create new ones. If the dental hygiene board exam (NBDHE, NDHCE) is in your mind, this can provide the extra boost you need to become motivated.

My goal is to: __________.
I will achieve this goal by: __________ (write a date).
In order to achieve this goal, I need:
- __________ (tool)
- __________ (tool)
- __________ (tool)
I will share this goal with: __________ (person).
I sign this pledge: __________ (signature).

You can also use this template for your personal goals too. As the founder and CEO of StudentRDH, my goal is to provide the best quality dental hygiene board exam prep that has the most excellent customer service. 
For this, I need:
- Tracking system for all emails I receive to respond within 24 hours
- A diary of things to be grateful for to lift my spirit that will show in my customer service
- Skype FREE mentoring session once a week

If you have been able to formulate your goal and find ways to achieve it, congratulations! This step alone is extremely meaningful. Now, do the followings:

1. Read your goals twice a day, out loud

Every day as soon as you wake up, read your resolutions. Then, just before you go to sleep that night, read them again!
You can do it in the mirror, or just to yourself, but read them out loud. Saying something out loud impresses it more deeply on your mind, which keeps you working towards them.

2. Visualize achieving your goals as you read them

Every time you read your list, visualize yourself achieving each one. The more detailed your visualizations, the better they work.

If your goal is to become the #RDH you deserve to be, see yourself in the computer exam room. Imagine that you are reading the questions and answering them one by one, with a calm and positive attitude. Then you walk out of the room feeling a sense of achievement. Weeks later, you see that you have passed!

Whenever you need help with the DH boards, know that StudentRDH and I are here for you.
50 days have passed since the new year. Let’s make today a new beginning for amazing outcomes. Let’s believe in our powers.

“The goal is simple – fitting in everything you need to pass the National Dental Hygiene Boards”


Author: Claire, RDH, MS (Founder and CEO of StudentRDH)

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