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SLEEP, Why You Need It During Your Break?

SLEEP, Why You Need It During Your Break?

3/7/2019 12:36:46 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 83

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SLEEP, Why You Need It During Your Break?

Why you don’t have to feel guilty about sleeping (a lot) during your break?

Thanksgiving is here, finally! We have been all waiting for this “break” especially if you are a student. Maybe you have those assignments due soon, or maybe you have an exam waiting. And maybe you are taking the Dental Hygiene Boards (NBDHE, NDHCE, CDCA, WREB) soon. All of that can be very stressful and if you are a passionate student, you want to be prepared. As long as that is a fantastic attitude, here is one more thing you should do during Thanksgiving: SLEEP.

StudentRDH is serious about proving the best content for your dental hygiene boards prep with quizzes and mock exams. But we also focus on “HOW TO BE MOST EFFICIENT” in studying. And one of the most crucial parts of efficiency is SLEEP.

Why? Maybe studies show that the connection between brain cells, synapses, form during sleep. Researchers at New York University School of Medicine and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School trained mice in a new skill - walking on top of a rotating rod.

They then looked inside the living brain with a microscope to see what happened when the animals were either sleeping or sleep deprived.

Their study showed that sleeping mice formed significantly more new connections between neurons - they were learning more. And by disrupting specific phases of sleep, the research group showed deep or slow-wave sleep was necessary for memory formation.

During this stage, the brain was "replaying" the activity from earlier in the day.

This is just the latest piece of science to highlight the importance of sleep.

A new reason for sleep was discovered last year when experiments showed the brain used to sleep to wash away waste toxins built up during a hard day's thinking.

However, there are concerns that people are not getting enough sleep.

As part of the BBC's Day of the Body Clock, Prof Russell Foster argued that society had become obsessed with work and school, leading to "serious health problems".

Further tests showed how significant sleep was.

Mice doing up to an hour's training followed by sleep were compared with mice training intensively for three hours but then sleep deprived.

The difference was still stark, with the sleepers performing better and the brain forming more new connections.

Prof Gan added: "One of the implications is for kids studying if you want to remember something for long periods you need these connections.

"So it is probably better to study and have good sleep rather than keep studying."

I may have discouraged you from working too hard for dental hygiene school or dental hygiene boards! But I don’t feel guilty because you are probably a bit sleep deprived of the hard words in #DHschool, I know it is no joke. So, you need this break badly.

If you still feel like you want to do something during this Thanksgiving break, sign up for [FREE]


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