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Transitioning into an ever-changing Dental Industry with Dr. John Z. Xu DMD

Transitioning into an ever-changing Dental Industry with Dr. John Z. Xu DMD

3/28/2019 11:05:48 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 32

On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, Shaun Keating talks to Dr. John Z. Xu, DMD. They discuss how Dr. Xu was able to adapt to a changing Dental Industry in the Digital Age. Dr. Xu talks about why it’s important to ask as many questions and get involved as much as you can in your Dental Courses before graduating. Finally, why learning from your mistakes is a good thing, especially when you are just starting out.

Things you will hear on this podcast
-Why Dr. Xu chose to become a General Dentist and why he enjoys doing Endo.
-The Importance of asking questions and learning from both your Dentist and staff when you are an associate.
-Why he prefers hands-on CE over standard lectures.
-Why he enjoys using CEREC and CBCT
-How Dr. Xu was influenced in becoming a dentist after college. 

For more information on Dr. Xu check these links out:

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