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Reinventing your career path: A conversation with Dr. Casey Jones, DMD

Reinventing your career path: A conversation with Dr. Casey Jones, DMD

4/4/2019 10:51:23 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 33

On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we have Dr. Casey Jones, DMD stop by and chat with our guest host Bob Brandon. Dr. Jones talks to us about her journey from being a Broadway dancer, to doing an outreach program in the Arctic Circle and transitioning into the Dental Industry. We also discuss Dr. Jones experience with modern technology; the importance of perfecting your digital scanning process before sending it to the lab and why hiring the right people will either make or break your practice.

In this episode you will hear about:
-Dr. Jones transition from being a touring professional dancer to a Dentist.
-The Importance of hiring the right people.
-Her experience with ITERO and Modern Technology.
-Her experience as an Undergrad in the Arctic Circle.

For more information about Dr. Casey Jones please check out:
Check out their Facebook page by clicking the link down below:

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