Take Your Dental Practice To the Next Level with Dental Practice Solutions!
Take Your Dental Practice To the Next Level with Dental Practice Solutions!
Dental Practice Solutions brings over 50 years of working in the dental industry to you and your team! We bring a wealth of knowledge about optimizing your current processes! We will increase your TOTAL dental practice profitability!
Debbie Seidel Bittke

How Do You Improve Your Game of Dentistry?

How Do You Improve Your Game of Dentistry?

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Do you have a favorite sport or hobby?


I have always enjoyed playing tennis and in high school I played on the tennis team.

If you are like me, then mediocrity is not an option and being “just” average at what you enjoy is a non-negotiable.

As a high school student and tennis player, it was very important to me, that I was one of THE BESTplayers and I did everything in my power to do just that!

In high school, I hired a coach, Manni Papparani. I got a part-time job to pay for a coach so I could be the best!

Each week my tennis coach helped me refine my skills as a tennis player. Back in the late 70’s video was not real popular but my tennis coach would record videos of my swing and my serve.

My tennis coach was a professional and definitely on the leading edge,

I had a minimum-wage job part-time, and yet, I paid to be the best on the tennis team!

Rafael Nadal is one of the best tennis players in today’s world of tennis.

Why would Rafael Nadal hire a coach?

He is one of the worlds best tennis players in the world afterall?!

Does this even make sense?!


Why hire a coach when you are at the top of your game?!


Rafael is at his peak. He knows what it takes to be a winner and yet, he hires a coach. He hired his uncle, Toni Nadal.

To some, this may sound like a waste of Rafael’s time and money but to those of us who think being at the top of our game; hiring a coach is a non-negotiable.

Rafael Nadal has always had a coach. This is a very important part of what makes him the best.


Do you intend to be your best?


Dental school gave you a great start to become a clinician but if you intend to be a successful dental practice owner, you must be at your best to play this game called “Dentistry.”

How do you consistently improve your game of dentistry?


How Do You Improve Your Game of Dentistry?


Let’s look at Rafael Nadal’s Coach.


Toni Nadal as an example of a great coach:


  • Toni Nadal has worked as a tennis coach and has been a manager for a tennis club for many years.
  • He went before Rafael as an expert/professional tennis player.
  • He has a trainer’s degree and taught at the tennis club.


This example demonstrates an expert who has been “in the trenches,” they have educated themself to know what it takes to be great!

“Your success is outside your comfort zone?”


What are the Qualities of a Great Coach?

Again, let’s look at Rafael’s uncle and personal coach as an example:


  1. Discomfort.

Coach Toni is known for putting pressure on Rafael as he progressed forward in his career.

Most people don’t want to feel pressure. It’s human nature to not want to step outside our comfort zone.

Coach Nadal brought Rafael to the point of crying numerous times; but did this create success or failure?

The answer is an obvious NO.

Getting to the point of tears was part of Nadal’s journey. It’s part of what made him so tough.

Look at anyone who has accomplished great success.

Did they stay in their comfort zone or did they get out of their comfort zone?

They got out of their comfort zone? Right?!


  1. Respect.

Respect for equipment. This means taking care of the office dental equipment. Nadal believed that throwing a tennis racket showed a lack of respect towards people who could not afford the same equipment and the sport itself.


  1. Responsibility.

In the dental office this means you take responsibility for your actions. You show up on time to work. You have a sense of pride and ownership. This goes right alongside of respect.

Toni Nadal as a coach, trained Rafael on poor tennis courts with old tennis balls to show that it was not the equipment that would decide if he won or lost. He believed that losing was a fact of competing in sports and that the only one responsible for winning or losing was the player.

As a team member and even as the owner of your dental practice, how are you responsible for your success or loss of productivity?


  1. Authoritative.

Coach Nadal had an authoritarian attitude with the players that he coached. Toni Nadal wanted his opinions to be important to players he was coaching rather than it just being advice.

As the owner and leader of your team, you must have the authority to make the best decisions, you must be looked as an authority in your patients eyes as well as your employees.

Look to an authority who can guide you doctor, someone who will take you to your next level of success.


Why Hire a Dental Practice Management Coach?


In dental school dentists learn all about teeth, but very little about bookkeeping, cash-flow, accounting, traditional & online marketing, hiring/terminating employees and so much more.

Dentists who try to do everything alone usually find it impossible to grow to a level of sustainability for the lifetime of their dental career. These are the dentists who can’t survive an economic decline.

Business experts, dental coaches, practice management consultants will help a dentist and their dental practice work more efficiently and accomplish more in less time and with less effort.

Hiring a dental coach, practice management consultant, will support the systems (or lack of) to optimize your dental practice productivity.

Asking for support from specialists will help you achieve more personal fulfillment and reduce your chances of the proverbial “burn-out.”


It’s Time to Take Action!


No matter where you are in the life of your dental career, you will benefit from hiring an expert practice management coach/consultant.

Without the support of a dental practice expert, you will work harder, you will work longer hours, you will not be as effective: as a leader, a husband and/or parent. If you want to enjoy your life more, you need to have a coach, and expert to support you in many different ways.

Most dentists want to have consistent growth and you need consistent growth in any business.

The best dental coach / consultant, will help you work smarter, not so hard. They will guide you to be the best leader of your dental practice. Your leadership skills will need constant refinement. This is just how successful businesses operate.

Never let your P & L, your budget, your production dollars today, stop you from hiring an expert.

The best expert for your dental practice will support you to optimize your systems and create a harmonious team. In return your level of productivity will receive annual dividends.

Hiring a dental expert should bring you continuous dividends.

Your part is to “show up.” When you take action, if you show up, you are a winner with a high ROI…..for the life of your dental practice.

When you take action now you can participate in our Dental Practice University (DPU) with up-to-date systems for you and the entire team. This also includes 16 AGD CE Credits when you are enrolled over the next year.


DPU has video trainings for everyone on the team, it includes scripts and forms to customize and use immediately. You can try out DPU now for ONLY $9.99.



Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is founder and CEO of Dental Practice Solutions. Debbie is also a former dental hygiene program director. Her expertise is optimizing the hygiene department by taking a total team approach; including the doctor as the leader.

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