Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan
Nobody Told Me That! with Teresa Duncan
Teresa talks with industry leaders about management, insurance and industry trends. She hosts colleagues who can share the kind of tips to keep you from saying 'but nobody told me that!'
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Ep. 32 "When Two Insurance Geeks Get Together" with Colleen Huff, FAADOM

4/27/2019 7:24:36 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 49

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Mar 25, 2019

Colleen Huff is our guest today and joins me to dish about dental insurance. She’s another insurance geek and has a good amount of tips to pass on in this episode. Listen in as we talk about your office and insurance: how to do it correctly and pitfalls to potentially avoid.

6:40 What is the most frequently heard insurance issue from dental offices?

16:07 The dental insurance industry as a whole is changing. What are some of these changes and the challenges they pose?

20:44 In-house savings plans: what are people really saying regarding these as an option? How can it be done correctly? Colleen gives a great example of how verbiage can really impact the effectiveness.

26:00 Don’t trust hearsay, Facebook, or the doctor’s neighbor’s cousin’s advice. Spend the time continuing to learn and always seek a definitive answer - especially with insurance.

28:23 So where do I start with learning accurate information?

33:47 Leased networks and the struggles related to this situation

39:25 Medical Billing- make sure you have the time to do it properly. How on earth do I start?

45:38 2 days of informative training on medical and dental billing for insurance in Utah coming in April

52:40 Pediatric benefits imbedded in medical plans. Colleen reminds us to make sure you are reading the fine print on these policies. Also, are you asking about their health savings account (HSA)?  

57:04 Why you should stay abreast of happenings even if your office isn’t in a network. We wrap this information heavy episode!


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