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The Importance of a Good Dentist and a strong Dental Lab Relationship with Dr. B. Jason Toups, DDS

The Importance of a Good Dentist and a strong Dental Lab Relationship with Dr. B. Jason Toups, DDS

5/2/2019 10:29:35 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 56

Shaun Keating sits down with our guest this week Dr. B. Jason Toups, DDS and discuss the importance of finding and having a strong relationship with your Dental Lab. Dr. Toups gives an insight on the ups and down on the day to day of being a Dentists in today’s age and finally, Shaun and Dr. Toups discuss why jumping into the first generation new technology is sometimes not a good idea. You’ll hear all this and more on this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast. 

In this episode you’ll hear about:
-The ups and downs in the day to day of being a dentist. 
-The importance of having good communication with your Dental Lab.
-What makes a good lab and choosing the right one. 
-Why diving into the first generation of new technology is a bad idea.
-How having an Arts Degree helped Dr. Toups have an advantage in his dental career.

For more information on Dr. Toups, his practice and social media links, check the links down below

Practice Website Link:

As mentioned on this episode, check out Dr. Toups brother who owns two very successful restaurants that were featured on The Food Network
Check out their website at
Follow them on Instagram:

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