Dental Up Podcast with Dr. Tammy Bailey
Dental Up Podcast with Dr. Tammy Bailey
Host Dr. Bailey is fascinated by the stories in dentists personal and professional lives. Dr. Bailey guests share stories about their best and worst day as a dentist, best and worst summer job, best and worst CE course they've taken, etc...
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Meditation and Mindfulness for Professional Practices with Dawn Kulongowski

Meditation and Mindfulness for Professional Practices with Dawn Kulongowski

11/24/2021 12:00:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 10

In this episode of The Dental Up Podcast with Dr. Tammy Bailey, she interviews Dawn Kulongowski, DDS on how she started teaching Meditation practice, how it has impacted her life, and how she integrated it with her dental practice. Dawn is the owner and sole practitioner of a thriving dental practice in Michigan, where she lives with her husband, daughter and 2 dogs. Amazed at the level of personal change that came from meditating and employing simple mindfulness techniques throughout the day, Dawn strives to teach others how to overcome their own personal and professional burnout. As an Advanced Certified Teacher, she believes that meditation practice has to be comfortable and fit the life of the individual.


In Part 1 of this episode, you will hear about:
-How Dawn started at the beginning of her professional journey.
-Life after dental school.
-Managing Stress and other coping mechanisms.
-How to gain and find Fullfilment.
-The 3 main skills of Meditation Practice.


Next time on Part 2, we learn more about her teaching experiences, and dive deeper into her personal thoughts on time and change.


Find out more about Dr. Dawn Kulongowski on her website, or email her your thoughts or questions.


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