The Practice Buyer's Corner - Random Musings from the Buy-Side
The Practice Buyer's Corner - Random Musings from the Buy-Side
The purpose of this blog is to share current, real world, experiences on the topics of practice valuation, practice transition, retirement planning, and building equity value - over time - in your dental practice.
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The Future for Solo Practitioners

4/30/2013 8:11:07 PM   |   Comments: 2   |   Views: 712
Inasmuch as it may seem like there is a groundswell of dental "groups", dentists of all ages looking to buy/own/grow their own practices should be viewing the prospective wave of Boomer retirees as a net-positive on every level.

Yes, the economy has been poor.  Yes, school-related debt is as high as ever (and growing).  But also, yes, there is a pent-up wave of prospective retirees that won't/can't work forever and will need to sell their practices.

Dentistry is really not that much different than many other white-collar professions in that Boomers dominate the demographic.  Same thing in medicine, legal, accounting, banking, marketing, etc.  It's almost as though the Boomers are squatting on jobs and won't clear out!  For both positive health reasons and negative economic reasons many of these Boomers find themselves working deeper into their careers than their predecessor generations - this has artificially stifled the previously expected career advancement paths for at least one full generational cycle.

Short-term bad news - yes, they're still here.  The good medium- to long-term news - they *will* retire at some point (we hope!).

So, before you flagellate yourself for borrowing so much to become a dentist please take a step back and reassess the long-game.  The next several years will see a material redistribution of dental patient load and those wanting to own and lead their own practices will be in pole position to drive their own outcome.

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