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Celebrate Bomb Pop Party !!

6/29/2022 9:06:30 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 18
On the last Thursday of June each year, people across the nation observe National Handshake Day.
Of all the various forms of greeting, the handshake is perhaps one of the most ancient.

* National Meteor Watch Day
* Social Media Day
* National Bomb Pop Day – Last Thursday in June
* National Handshake Day – Last Thursday in June

Time to shake hands with your friends and call them for a Bomb Pop Party.  Gaze to the heavens to spot the glow on a shooting star.     Making a wish on a shooting star?  How about wishing for only peaceful talks and humorous pictures on Social Media.   Stay Safe!

#mereor #stars #socialmedia #bomb #pop #handshake #safety 

Celebrate Bomb Pop Party !!

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