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Get a Day out for refreshment

7/27/2022 1:21:54 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 71
On July 28th, laughter and fun are just a couple of the requirements on National Waterpark Day! We also recommend bathing suits!
Waterparks around the world provide thrilling, water-plunging rides for those who seek the white-knuckle hydro-power of slides.

National Milk Chocolate Day
National Waterpark Day
National Refreshment Day – Fourth Thursday in July
National Chili Dog Day – Last Thursday in July
National Intern Day – Last Thursday in July

Turn the fan on high, grab your bathing suit, and ice down the beer.  Make the most of the dog days and Raise a glass to all the Interns out there!

Get a Day out for refreshment

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