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Give lots of Love to your Middle Child

8/11/2022 2:31:54 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 21

Each year, on National Julienne Fries Day on August 12th, everyone fries up skinny sliced potatoes for a delicious and crunchy treat.  
Cut into thin, uniform matchsticks, julienne fries tend to be crispier and are often called “shoestring fries.” It’s no surprise this delicate and precise cut is a French favorite

National Julienne Fries Day
National Middle Child Day
National Vinyl Record Day

Celebrate this day specially for your middle child. Play his/her favorite music and make Julienne Fries to give it a yummy touch.

Please Stay Safe!

#middlechildday #julienne #fries #vinylrecords #staysafe

Give lots of Love to your Middle Child

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