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National Fajita Day

8/17/2022 1:54:21 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 67
National Ice Cream Pie Day is observed annually on August 18th. This is the second ice cream holiday in August and it honors a refreshing frozen dessert that comes in many delicious flavors. First came putting ice cream on pies. The natural next step would be making ice cream into pies. With all the flavors available, our options are unlimited!

National Fajita Day
National Ice Cream Pie Day
National Mail Order Catalog Day

While you’re celebrating the day, invite a friend to join you for these flavorful entrees! Whether you prefer shrimp, steak or chicken, there’s a fajita for you. Share and ice cream pie with them.
It’s an excellent day to support your small online business by visiting their catalog of products grows, varies, and changes. Share their products and give them a great review!

Please Stay Safe!

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