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The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - Walt’s Lessons For Dentists To Excel In Business

3/11/2015 12:52:05 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 153

 I’m a huge Disney fan. If I could travel back in time to meet Walt, I’d do it. The vision he laid has been so powerful that it’s transformed the business of entertainment. It’s even transformed the business of business.

Disney, as a business, does almost everything right, with mostly minimum wage employees running their theme parks. They’re experts at integrating different media (direct mail, email, audio & video productions, even going so far as using all 5 senses we have to create unique experiences – like their use of pumped-in scents in one of my favorite attractions, Soarin’ Over California) in their promotion, communication and experiential aspects of their parks.

Yes, as a Dentist, you can learn a lot from Disney.

For several years, I’ve been a Member of their D23 program. It’s a fan club for Disney fanatics like me. Recently, they sent me a cool little postcard (all of maybe 35 cents invested) and it was simply them touching base with me. Reaching out. Here’s the copy:

“Dear Jerry, Whether you’ve been a Charter Member since 2009 or are new to D23, we hope you have enjoyed exploring Disney’s past and present as much as we have, and we look forward to unlocking even more magic with you in the future. ~The D23 Team.”

At the very bottom, in smaller print, it goes on to say, “If you have any questions about D23, accessing exclusive content on, or renewing your membership, please don’t hesitate to email us at”

The lesson? I’d encourage you to use postcards to drip on and occasionally reach out to your patients. To remind them you’re there for them and to keep your practice at the top of their mind. It’s a super-effective and inexpensive way to stay in touch and foster patient re-engagement, referrals and retention.

This lesson in practice: Every month, my Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem office sends each of our patients a postcard, 6”x11”, full-color, with some fun facts about that month’s unique days (holidays, special occasions, etc.), plus a special patient-only offer.

We also send a newsletter out every month to that same list of patients. (This results in an average of 15 new patient referrals every month – sometimes 10 per month, or, like last month, when we had 19.)

The results? Above-average referral numbers and something we can’t calculate: above-average retention and the opportunity to generate more income from each patient (if you put more offers in front of someone, they will buy more!).

Anyway – once you become a member of D23, you’ll get a little postcard like this, when your Membership is about to expire. While it might be a tad hard to read here, you’ll note they give a list of what Membership entails and the benefits, which includes a lot of “member-only” language – building exclusivity that clubs are known for and one of the big reasons why people join. I include this example so you can see how easy it is to at least get a cool reminder out to your patients when it’s time to get them reactivated and back in the routine of regular exams, x-rays and cleanings.

They did miss something: all around the postage indicia: that area could have been filled with more benefit-laden copy, or, testimonials, etc. My last read of the postal regs. Stated the indicia need only be legible (read up on the latest USPS DM design regs and run any design by your printer in advance so you don’t get hornswoggled and charged more in postage than you should).

They did however, make clever use of one of the Disney characters on the postcard, which allows you to immediately ID this work as Disney’s.

A few times in other publications, I have featured D23 and their sweet Member magazine, etc. Several of you, evidently, big fans of Disney like my family and I, joined.

Here’s what happened: The folks at D23 were kind enough to send me a little thank-you. Which, I certainly appreciated.

A ‘referral thank you’ package. It includes a little placard, “REFER A FAN,” and, most impressive, a unique D23 pin.

Not many folks visiting Disneyland this next year when I take my kids will have this one.

Now…today, what do you send to someone who referred a friend or family member to you? And, would it be as good or better than Disney, based on the transaction value? Are you doing anything at all?

The fact they popped me a pin, valued around $6 or $8 or more, even if you could buy one, I think, is pretty cool.

I recommend you sign up with Disney’s D23 Membership. If you’re a Disney fan, it’s mandatory. And, if you’re not a Disney fan, you should be – not necessarily for the entertainment the parks offer (Although, there truly is something for everyone at every park – take the new Cars Land in California Adventure at Disneyland Resort in Cali – that’s a throwback to the 50s, and it’s so incredibly well-done you feel like you’re there.), but, for what you can LEARN from a trip to Disney.

Here’s another reason to truly STUDY Disney: They are beyond excellent at exchanging an experience for money – BIG money. A ticket just to get in runs you a cool hundred+ per day.

(That’s exclusive of food and what I call a Breakfast Churro – which aren’t meant for breakfast but they worked just fine for me.)

So, homework for you, until we meet again next time: What could you Disney-fy in your practice, to change and upgrade the experience your staff and you now provide?

Challenge your team to come up with at least 23 different things you can do. Prioritize those with the most impact and start to integrate. See if you can elevate the experience your patients have to be on par with Disney. And, watch what happens!

And, ask yourself: If Walt Disney owned my practice, what would Walt do to up the experience and deliver far more value? Which, by the way, opens the door to far higher profits.




About The Author… Jerry A. Jones is the CEO of Jerry Jones Direct (JJD), an over two-decade old marketing and advertising firm whose clients include Dentists and Financial Services Advisors in the US, Canada, Australia and England. He’s a widely-published author of several books and thought leader, writing opinion papers and articles for a variety of publications. Jerry also publishes five different newsletters and two magazines every month, leads dental mastermind sessions, and creates marketing and advertising campaigns for his private client Financial Advisors, Dentists and ClearPath Society® Members. He is also the Founder & CEO of Wellness Springs Dental® in Salem, Oregon, which includes an incredible group of four Doctors and an amazing team. Wellness Springs Dental® will be offering national dental office franchises in 2015. You can also pick up Jerrys latest books at Further info @ More information on Jerry can be found at, or

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