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Deep into the Science of Dental Patient Care  w/ Damien McDonald (President of Kerr)

Deep into the Science of Dental Patient Care w/ Damien McDonald (President of Kerr)

7/9/2015 9:37:33 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 465
Deep into the Science of Dental Patient Care  |4K ULTRA HD|  
with special guest: Damien McDonald President of Kerr Dental Products

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•Dr. David Hornbrook (Clinical Director of Education and Technology at Keating Dental Arts) has a dynamic interview with “Damien McDonald”, president of Kerr Dental Products!

•Some topics in this elaborate interview are Danaher’s pursuit of companies that are innovating the dental industry with science and technology such as (Nobel Biocare) as well as getting deep into the science of dental industry and clinical patient care.

“When I look at my career choices so far, helping people is the main objective for all of the companies I’ve worked for. In some cases, the products that I worked with saved lives, and sometimes it’s been about a patient’s self-esteem, but the common thread has always been about helping people. So that’s what I love about working with medical and dental products — if we get our job right, we make a patient’s life better.”

     -Damien McDonald, President of Kerr:

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