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Landscaping Dentistry with Soft Tissue Lasers (Special Guest: Alan Miller)

7/17/2015 9:17:01 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 191

Special Guest: Alan Miller (Founder of AMD Lasers)

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Dr. David Hornbrook interviews Special Guest Alan Miller,  founder of  AMD Lasers,  gives a full bio and overiew of Dental Lasers, the growing technology/evolution and how they can make your practice more effecient and fun.

Soft Tissue lasers make a doctor's life a lot easier and more efficient. They are safe around metals, they control bleeding, but ultimately, it's the patient that benefits and the ability to go in and have a laser pose a scalpel or electro cautery is a huge benefit for patients

“I've always looked at dental products as, you know, there's products that doctors want and there's products that dentists need and there's products that can make a dentist's life easier and more fun.”

-Alan Miller 

For more information on AMD Lazers Visit:

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