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Dental Up 2015 Video Montage |4K Ultra HD|

Dental Up 2015 Video Montage |4K Ultra HD|

11/5/2015 10:50:44 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 232
November 4 2015 -- We put this amazing montage together for KDA and all the really fun 4K Video, Live interviews, Podcasts and news shows for the second half of 2015. Dr. David Hornbook and various guest in this Video that really portrays what a fun time we have not only delivering the best dental content in the industry, but innovating and exciting throughout. Welcome to Dental Up 2016!! 

-Keating Dental Arts would like to thank all the amazing Doctors & guests, film crews and directors that made this year possible.

Dr. David Hornbrook, Clinical Director of Education and Technology at KDA, produces free educational technique videos each week on subjects such as photography, esthetic material selection, and new products. 

In addition, weekly DentalUP™ podcasts, hosted by Dr. Hornbrook, have a long list of extinguished guests, including Dr. Mark Miller, Dr. Ron Jackson, Dr. Ron Kaminer, Dr. John Comisi, Dr. Geissberger, and Dr. Lincoln Parker—to name a few. Hear corporate industry leaders such as Mr. Damien McDonald, President of Kerr; Mr. Garrett Sato, President of Danville Dental Materials; and Mr. Tom Olsen, GM, President of Nobel Biocare share industry trending news. Tune into to hear cutting edge practice building tips from leaders such as Gary Takacs and Jake Hadley. 

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