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Digital Dental Marketing for New Patient Acquisition
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How You Can Get New Patients From Google…On Yahoo

How You Can Get New Patients From Google…On Yahoo

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Yahoo Search Results Are Showing Google Ads


Dentists can get new patient calls from their Google Ads, on Yahoo?

Yes, but first a little background.

Before Yahoo entered into their deal with Google, Yahoo used to show Bing (Microsoft) Ads in fifty-one percent of their own search results.

They still do according to this Yahoo press release from October 2015, but there’s a new kid on the block glomming onto the remaining forty-nine percent – or at least a considerable portion thereof.

That’d be Google.

All this ad network commingling seeming more than a little confusing?

Dentists just want new patients, so let’s get up to speed from a 40,000ft what it means to dentists perspective…

Yahoo’s organic search results basically come from Bing – as do fifty-one percent of their paid search ads – nothing changed there from when they first renewed their search partnership back in early 2015, as you can read more about here.
What’s new from that deal, is that Yahoo now has a lot more control to serve ads on the other forty-nine percent of paid search results.

And Google be gobbling up that search engine advertising real estate – maybe even more real estate, as witnessed on this Jan 11, 2016 post about Yahoo showing Google Ads.

Yahoo Showing Google Ads…How Can Dentists Benefit?

By effectively advertising on Google Adwords, dentists can benefit from the new Yahoo/Google deal by having their ads serve on the results pages of both search engines.

That’s how dentists can benefit, by advertising for new patients on Google!

Just like when advertisers had their Bing Ads appear on Yahoo search results.

Key part being effectively.

Any dentist (or PPC ad agency) can advertise a practice on Yahoo or Google, there are even dentists out there who take the DIY approach to new patients acquisition by PPC.

But they’re just flying blind.

Only those ad campaigns which have been effectively researched, constructed, targeted, & lovingly maintained will produce ROI in the way of new patients.
The savvy digital marketing dentists already run ad campaigns for new patients on both Google, Bing, & Yahoo already – not to mention Facebook.

And they already know to leave PPC ads to the professionals, much like patients should just say no to DIY dentistry.

So, either way you cut your marketing budget pie, these deals from Google, Bing, & Yahoo force multiply your new patient acquisition search advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, it’s possible that your Google PPC ads for new patients can now garner even more attention on Yahoo.

If your Google Ads appear wider on Yahoo’s search results – as seen in the above comparison, one could deduce that those ads might as a result be more noticeable to any person searching for a dentist.

From there one could also surmise that those Google Ads appearing on Yahoo could gather more eyeballs & subsequent clicks, calls…appointment requests.

And because, as the aforementioned deal indicates, Yahoo serves up Google Ads through their own technology, those ad clicks & calls could cost you less than if the conversion took place on Google.

Could Yahoo Go Over 51% On Mobile With Google?

On desktop, Yahoo is limited to showing ads on 49 percent of searches that could potentially come from Google, because Microsoft is guaranteed the remaining 51 percent.

But… on mobile searches, Yahoo has no such limit – as reported here on

On mobile searches Yahoo could choose to fully serve out Google results even at the expense of its own Gemini ads system.

According to those tests, Google Ads showing on Yahoo appear to display in a wider format, while also carrying the addition of Google’s Ad Extensions – like sitelinks & call extensions – which you can see here:

It was first reported in May of last year (2015) that mobile searches on Google – think dentist near me” “dentist nearby” “emergency dentist” – have surpassed desktop searches.

We can only speculate on how this new deal between Yahoo & Google will play out in the future, but two things are sure for you dentists out there looking to grow their practice with cost-effective, sustainable new patient acquisition.

  1. You’re online advertising MUST start with Google!
  2. You’re website better be mobile-friendly – or you’ll be losing money!

Then incorporate Yahoo, Bing/AOL, Facebook. Then continually optimize your ad campaigns for new patients. Then lather, rinse, repeat…and so on, and so on, and so on…

To help you out, we’re DOUBLING Google’s pat offer of $100 for new advertisers by giving you another $100 out of our own pocket to get your phone ringing and your door swinging with new patients.

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