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SEO Specialist and Dental Marketing Enthusiast Justin Morgan Talks About How to Build the Dream Dental Practice. This blog consists of two parts: 1. Interviews with industry experts on how you can grow your practice. 2. Short educational videos.

SEO Story | Dental Marketing Blog

SEO Story | Dental Marketing Blog

6/7/2016 2:40:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 266

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Dental Marketing Guy Show Episode 8 - SEO Story

2 Major Factors in SEO | Content and Links

Welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show!  I’m Justin Morgan, aka the dental marketing guy. Today we’re talking about the 2 major factors in SEO content and links.

The first factor for SEO is content.  The way search engines decide how to promote a certain piece of content is by crawling it with search engine bots, sometimes called spiders.  These search engine bots crawl as much of the internet as they can.  When they crawl your content, they pick up on the overall genre of that content.  The more content you have one a specific topic, the more opportunity the search engine but has to pick your website up as a relevant authority on that topic. 

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Dental Marketing Guy Show Episode 8 SEO Story
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