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SEO Specialist and Dental Marketing Enthusiast Justin Morgan Talks About How to Build the Dream Dental Practice. This blog consists of two parts: 1. Interviews with industry experts on how you can grow your practice. 2. Short educational videos.

SEO vs PPC | Dental Marketing Blog

SEO vs PPC | Dental Marketing Blog

6/11/2016 7:08:00 AM   |   Comments: 2   |   Views: 263

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SEO vs PPC | Dental Marketing Blog


Hey guys welcome to the Dental Marketing Guy Show I'm a dental marketing guy thanks for joining me. Today we’re looking at the comparative value of SEO vs Pay Per click advertising.

First, as you probably already know watching the Dental Marketing Guy Show, SEO is the way we gain higher organic or unpaid rankings on popular search engines.  Pay Per Click Advertising is essentially the same thing, but the difference is that you instantly rank instead of waiting weeks or months for higher rankings.  Just as it sounds, pay per click advertising involves paying per click or call, or other engagement.  You’re essentially getting a fast pass – not sure how many of you go to amusement parks where you can get that pass to skip the line – it’s kind of like that.  You pay dearly for it in many cases, more so than SEO, and you also have the issue of needing to optimize the campaign in order to prevent wasteful spending.. 

PPC vs. SEO #12 Dental Marketing Guy Show
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