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471 Facial Aesthetic Treatment and Training with Peter McQuillan and Andrew Culbard : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

471 Facial Aesthetic Treatment and Training with Peter McQuillan and Andrew Culbard : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

8/16/2016 6:08:13 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 388


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VIDEO - DUwHF #471 - Peter McQuillan and Andrew Cu

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AUDIO - DUwHF #471 - Peter McQuillan and Andrew Cu

Set up by Dr Peter McQuillan & Dr Andrew Culbard, firm friends from their University days, FACE UK faces up to the lack of regulation in the UK cosmetic industry.

Peter & Andrew, and their trusted clinical team, want to ensure that you find the right physician to deliver your facial treatments. By 'right', we mean qualified and trained in these very precise injections and treatments. And that's the next part of their vision. Not content with just providing facial aesthetics, they wanted to pass on their expert knowledge in this field and ensure that there are more fully trained medics and dentists for you to choose from. 

Dr. Peter McQuillan, Director:

Peter qualified from the University of Glasgow with Commendation in Dentistry and was honoured to receive The Tristan Manji Memorial Scholarship during his time there. Peter is a Co-Founder and Clinical Director of FACE UK. 

Working in the cosmetic field, he has undertaken Advanced Restorative Training in Dentistry and in Facial Aesthetics across the world, from day one of his career and now focuses much of his clinical time on the latest Gold Standard minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. He has been privileged to lecture and train the profession on cosmetic injectables,  and for leading facial medical aesthetic organisations and applies these latest advances to his treatment portfolio.

Peter is available for consultations in the multi-award winning Oliver's Dental Studio in the North East and Bourne End Dental in London, were you can meet with and discuss all your treatment desires.

Outside of the surgery Peter is a Board Director for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; believing that non surgical rejuvenation complements the smile, bringing together art, function, beauty and aesthetics.

Dr. Andrew Culbard, Director:

Andrew is a co-founder & clinical director of FACE UK. He was awarded his BDS from study at the University of Glasgow Dental School and later gained membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2015. 

A practicing cosmetic dentist,  Andrew is also an injectables trainer and has lectured for leading medical organisations around the UK.  He has a passion for the art of aesthetics and has dedicated his career towards learning and developing the gold standard techniques in cosmetic dentistry and advanced facial rejuvenation. 

Currently Andrew is based in Glasgow in private cosmetic practices The Berkeley Clinic, Cherrybank Dental Spa and The Private Clinic of Harley Street. 

A caring and personable practitioner, Andrew's precision and attention to detail have rewarded him with a first class reputation amongst his patients and peers. 

Andrew is currently available for consultations at the FACE Aesthetic Clinic 6 Highburgh Road Glasgow G12 9YD, and for dental consultations at the Berkeley Clinic: 5 Newton Terrace Glasgow G3 7PJ. T: 0141 564 1900

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