MOMgienists® Podcast
MOMgienists® Podcast
Meet Christie and Jasmin. Moms+RDH+Friends=MOMgienists®. Healthcare Moms who understand the struggles, the joys, and the self-doubts of raising kids, staying sane and working. Listen to our podcast about everything but the kitchen sink.
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MOMgienists Episode 1: We're Back!

MOMgienists Episode 1: We're Back!

11/7/2016 3:29:14 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 65

Mother + hygienist= MOMgienist

This podcast features two moms RDHs that became friends. They talk about everything except the kitchen sink! 

MOMgienists Christie and Jasmin are back! We couldn't keep up with the vlogs! What better way to reach you all by means of a Podcast. Listen to our very first episode. We met up late at night thinking that it would be an awesome time to record while the kids are sleeping and the dogs are tired. Think again! The struggle is real for Momgienists. Despite the funny interruptions, we had a blast! It's real! It's fun! It's friends enjoying one another!Click the link for more info!

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