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Episode 6 Teach Me Dental Fundraising Event: We are NOT "just" a Dentist.

Episode 6 Teach Me Dental Fundraising Event: We are NOT "just" a Dentist.

11/18/2016 8:51:35 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 109

MOMgienists Christie and Jasmin discuss their attendance and travel to the Inaugural Teach Me Dental Fundraising event, Reframed. Learn why Jasmin can never be late to events and how Christie handled her with a "smile".

The mission of Teach Me Dental is very much needed in our industry. Hear how it closely relates to the same struggles of recognition for the dental hygiene profession.

Teach Me Dental's mission is to educate and elevate the public perception and value of oral health. It was created to address the dental health crisis by reframing the conversation about the importance of oral health. The non-profit's founder is Dr. Hazel Glasper, owner of Revive Dental. Learn more about this organization at Teach Me Dental

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