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National Dental Hygiene Board Exam + Local Anesthesial Dental Hygiene Board Exams Review Online Courses
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Q: The radiolucency in the image is:

Q: The radiolucency in the image is:

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(A). Oral ulcer
(B). Mandibular foramen
(C). Mental foramen
(D). Incisive foramen

In order to solve this, we have to examine the location of the radiolucency. In this image, it is below the second premolar but detached from the root. Because it is detached from the roots, we already know that it is NOT a lesion associated with the tooth (lesion is not even available as an answer choice). Now we have to know the 3 other foramens to solve this question and prepare for our Dental Hygiene Board Exams (NBDHE, NDHCE, CSCE, WREB).

  • Mental foramen is an opening for the mental nerve and vessels inferior to the mandibular premolar It appears as a round radiolucent area that is sometimes mistaken for periapical disease.
  • Incisive foramen is the passageway for the nasopalatine nerves and vessels. It appears as a small radiolucent oval between the roots of maxillary central incisors.
  • Mandibular foramen is an opening on the inner side of the ramus above the occlusal plane. It usually does not appear on radiographs as the placement of the receptor/film will not capture this foramen.

Oral ulcers and herpes do not appear on radiographs since they are lesions of the oral mucosa.

Answer: (C). Mental foramen

The Dental Hygiene Board Exams (NBDHE, NDHCE, CSCE, WREB) really like this mental foramen. This is because depending on the placement of the film, the radiolucency can look like a lesion on the mandibular premolars. Where is the mental foramen most commonly located? Generally between the two mandibular premolars. But as you can see in the image today, it can be below the first or second premolar. I hope your day is just little better knowing that you gained some knowledge for the dental hygiene board exams. Keep up the amazing work like always and share this important knowledge with your friends. And have them subscribe to the StudentRDH Vitamins, they can do subscribe by clicking on the link below!

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