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National Dental Hygiene Board Exam + Local Anesthesial Dental Hygiene Board Exams Review Online Courses
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Q: This type of swelling is a(n):

Q: This type of swelling is a(n):

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(A). Ranula
(B). Mucocele
(C). Exostosis
(D). Ulcer

The image shows a rounded elevation that looks like it may contain some fluid and is located on the lower lip.

  • mucocele is a benign, mucus-containing cystic lesion of the minor salivary gland. It can appear with any minor salivary glands, but the most common location is the lower lip.
  • ranula is also mucus-containing cystic lesion but is related to the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands. For this reason, the swelling appears under the tongue.
  • An ulcer can appear on any movable part of the oral mucosa in response to trauma. The lesion is usually yellow with red borders and is flat (not elevated).
  • Exostosis is the overgrowth of normal compact bone on the buccal aspect of the maxilla or mandible.

Answer: (B). Mucocele

It is always important to associate our knowledge about oral pathology with their clinical appearance for the dental hygiene board exam (NBDHE, NDHCE, CSCE) because the case studies may have photographs. In this case, the location (lower lip) was the most important clue to the answer.

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