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Let's Talk About the Business Side of Dentistry

3/16/2017 12:29:36 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 397
Dentistry is a business.

Here's what you need to know to turn your dental practice into a new patient magnet:

In my interview with Andre Shirdan, we talk about how to position your practice based on the philosophy in your practice.

In working with over 5,000 dental practices, Andre Shirdan talks with us about how CEREC docs can attract new patients through being "all in" when it comes to educating your patients about the benefits of CEREC.

But Andre's coaching digs deeper than just discussing how to promote specific operative procedures. Andre focuses on making sure that your entire dental team is "in alignment" on your clinical style. Andre says that it is critical for all your dental staff to go to CE courses and dental conventions as a team. "Everyone needs to be drinking the same Koolaide," Andre tells us. Andre believes that whether you're offering wisdom tooth extractions where patients sleep through the entire session, or if you're offering teeth cleanings which have a much higher level of engagement, your entire staff need to be on the same page.

Andre goes on to say that one way or another, your patients will be able to tell if the dental assistant isn't on the same page as the dentist. For instance, once the doctor leaves the room, many dental patients will ask the dental assistant if they agree about the doctor's recommendation for a same day crown. If that dental assistant isn't on your side, that patient is far less likely to accept treatment.

I even joke about the irrationality of asking a second opinion of a dental assistant or hygienist, then a DMD or DDS confidently provided scientific proof that the patient's tooth needs a crown. Andre offers this insight:

"For many dental patients, the dental assistant is a peer."

I thought this statement was really profound.

It's all the more reason why your dental staff need to belong to your practice philosophy.

I really enjoyed this interview.

Andre's Takeaway Tips to Help Your Practice Remain Consistent:

1. Everybody needs to be involved in CE and meetings.

2. You need to clearly define your clinical protocols and clinical philosophy with your team.

If you're looking for a specialty marketing agency, or just want some free tips on how to grow your practice, feel free to visit my blog at

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