Practice Pain Free Dentistry
Practice Pain Free Dentistry
These blogs posts and podcasts provide quality evidenced based information about the physical practice of dentistry. Learn how to practice pain free, to create healthy habits and to promote a healthy environment for your entire team.
Dr Juanita Benedict

You can practice dentistry pain free.....I promise

3/22/2017 5:45:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 184
Have you been practicing dentistry for decades and live with chronic pain?  

Do you feel as though there is no hope for you?

So did Dr. Aniko Ball, an Australian dentist who practiced for over 30 years.  Even though she had been deemed a hopeless case by the medical establishment, Dr. Ball still had just enough hope to try one more thing.....and it worked!  

Dr. Ball shares her story and how she was able to overcome her chronic pain in the latest podcast for Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals.  Join us as we discuss dentistry, pain and hope!

Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals Podcast 

Also, while you are there, explore what options are available for you to begin to practice pain free.

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