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Lorraine Guth on Practice Efficiency

4/5/2017 3:48:45 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 152
In this episode of The Dental Marketing Guy Show, Lorraine Guth helps us understand the changes happening in the dental industry over the last 10 years.

Here are a few takeaway points Lorraine offers us from this episode:

1. The administrative role of a dental office is now a marketing and treatment planning role.

Getting new patients to your dental office is only one aspect of dental marketing. Treatment planning, intra-office communication, patient engagement, and managing protocols are every bit as important as attracting new patients through SEO or another marketing method.

2. Have friendly, confident and calm pacing and inflection when accepting new patient phone calls.

Lorrain talks about how being friendly (which can be demonstrated through your tone of voice), can help turn around questions such as "do you take my dental insurance?" While you can use your dental website to show which insurances you accept, Lorraine tells us that many people are just trying to figure out which dentist they can trust, as much as looking for a dentist in-network. Lorraine says that many times, people aren't asking about dental insurance as much as they are about less tangible, straight forward concerns.

3. Insurance questions are often financing questions.

Using a financing provider such as Lending Club or Care Credit can change a patient's view of accepting larger operative procedures are. She tells us that delving deeper into the reasons why your patient is concerned about dental insurance or up front costs can lead to an improved understanding of what your dental patients actually value.

This can lead to you taking notes on the patient values, and customizing the way your treatment planning goes.

Feel free to check out the entire interview, here:

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