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Dentists With A Badge Get More Yelp Reviews

Dentists With A Badge Get More Yelp Reviews

4/10/2017 1:55:14 PM   |   Comments: 2   |   Views: 178

What Is The Yelp Reviews Badge?

The Yelp Reviews Badge is simply an image with a snippet of code embedded in it that connects your website to your claimed Yelp Business Listing. 

No matter how you feel about Yelp, Yelpers, or reviews in general, your dental practice needs to be on Yelp.

This doesn't mean advertising on Yelp, (we're actually against paying Yelp anything...for a few reasons we won't get into here), it simply means claiming & verifying your business listing, you can do so by checking out this post:

The badge provides a direct link with your Yelp business listing, and the code allows Yelp to track it so they have even more (misguided) provocation to call your office & pitch you Yelp Ads.

If you want more new patients, there are better ways to advertise. Check out the link below:

Why Should Dentists Get The Yelp Reviews Badge On Your Website?

Because regardless of how you feel about Yelp, & online reviews in general, there are people in your area who do check Yelp when searching for a new dentist. 

According to Yelp,
"You have a website, and you want to show off your Yelp love. Just copy the HTML code next to any of the buttons and paste it into your website. The review counters will update automatically every time a Yelper writes a review of your business."
Also because Yelp frowns upon dentists (or any business) asking for reviews, it's actually against their terms of service. And here's why you don't want to do that.  

How Do Dentists Get The Yelp Reviews Badge On Your Website?

  1. Login to your (verified) Yelp Business Page:?
  2. Click "Review Badges" on the left-hand vertically aligned navigation menu.
  3. For whichever icon you want to display, click on the corresponding code snippet - this will copy it, you'll save it in the next step.
  4. Open up a .txt file - like Notepad - then paste that code snippet into that blank text file.
  5. Now save that file, then send it to your website provider so they can place it on a "Reviews" page, on your Contact page, in your website sidebar...or wherever else it jibes with your review acquisition strategy.
Or, do it yourself...if you're the DIY digital marketing dentist type.  

Can Dentists Showcase Actual Yelp Reviews On Their Website?

Yes, aside from placing the Yelp Review Badge on your site, you can also showcase individual reviews by embedding them on your website as well. 

Both Yelp Review Badges & embedded reviews link back to your Yelp business page.

Sound confusing? It’s not, just look at the difference between the Reviews Badge, & an embedded review (or in this case 2 reviews):

Yelp Review Badges for Dentists 2

To add an individual review, navigate to the individual review that you want to showcase, then just click the “Embed review” link:

Yelp Reviews Badges for Dentists


Yelp Reviews Badges for Dentists

Now either paste that on your website page yourself, or paste it into a .txt file to send to your webmaster. Done deal.


In real-world terms, a dentist should have at least one page of their website dedicated to showcasing reviews from a variety of sources. 

Or, they could segment the review acquisitionlocal seo strategy into 2 separate pages - one toshowcase reviews, and one to capture reviews

The Yelp Reviews Badge (& embedded reviews) help you do that.

Want More Reviews?...Check Out This Toolkit

Google Reviews Toolkit for Dentists

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