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Take Your Dental Practice To the Next Level with Dental Practice Solutions!
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Debbie Seidel Bittke

It's More Than All About the Tooth. We are Saving Patient's Lives.

It's More Than All About the Tooth. We are Saving Patient's Lives.

5/3/2017 8:42:33 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 98

On April 21st Jimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly gave birth to a boy and they named him “Billy.” He appeared healthy for the first few hours the nurse in the pediatric floor noticed that William, aka: "Billy," had a heart murmur and he was soon after her discovered taken to neonatal floor where with further investigation by numerous doctors they discovered that baby "Billy" was born with a very serious heart disease. The baby’s pulmonary valve was completed blocked. After surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, the surgery was a success. The baby will need another open-heart surgery in about 6 months and then as a teen another non-invasive procedure. Kimmel was quoted as saying that:  “No one should have to make a decision to pay for their child's life. It should not matter how much money you make you should be able to save a child's life… Yes, Mr. Kimmel, you are right! No one should have to end the life of a loved one, their child, or not be able to pay for life-saving treatment to save another humans' life! “Prevention: It’s not all about the tooth.” This has me thinking that we, dental professionals, are in a perfect position to help our patients live a longer and healthier life. Oral disease contributes to systemic disease. The research from our surgeon general and the National Institute of Health have been documenting this scientific research since the late 1900’s. We are learning in today's always changing world, that the main reason why our patients will continue to return to their dentist routinely and not constantly switch to a new provider, is when they understand the important role of their dental professional in their total health. It’s our professional role to help our patients understand that we don’t just treat our patient’s mouth. It’s not about a tooth. What we want to be portrayed as are associates in our patients’ total health. We are partners in preventing disease. Not just oral disease but systemic disease. Today's world of dentistry is about total health. Putting a halt to inflammation and infection in the oral cavity is one important way we can help our patients eliminate systemic diseases: heart attacks, various inflammatory diseases, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and various cancers, etc.

My question to you is, “Are you sharing this important information with all your patients and helping them live a longer and healthier life?” What words do you use to explain the important role you play in your patient’s life to help them live a long, healthy life?
Do your patients know the important you play in keeping their body healthy? Or contrary, do they think you only care about the tooth and nothing but the tooth?!
Worse yet, are the patients who think you just want to see them because you always “Find” something…i.e. you just want their money.
This is all about the truth and not about a single tooth.

Let’s tell our patients about how they can live a longer and healthier life.

Prevention saves money and saves lives. It costs less money: Cash and insurance dollars when our patients routinely see their hygienist for preventive services. Preventing disease is our number 1 role as dental professionals.
Baby Kimmel
The dentist, the hygienist and the dental team that sees the Kimmel family has a very important role. It is imperative that the Kimmels’ dental team speak about prevention and the important role it plays in keeping the whole body healthy. I sure hope Jimmy Kimmel's dentist is reading this. Maybe someone can send this information to Jimmy Kimmel. I wish the Kimmel’s and their new baby “Billy,” the very best and I hope they understand how important it is for their baby to have a healthy mouth his entire life. This is key—It’s imperative that baby William have a health mouth his entire life. ABOUT DEBBIE SEIDEL-BITTKE, RDH, BS
Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is a dental consultant, coach, speaker and author. She is also CEO of Dental Hygiene Solutions, powered by Dental Practice Solutions. Debbie is a world-class leader in creating profitable hygiene departments. She is well-known as a former clinical assistant professor at USC in Los Angeles and a former hygiene department program director. Dentistry Today recognizes Debbie as a Leader in Dental Consulting. She can be reached at (888) 816-1511. Send an e-mail to info@dentalpracticesolutions.com or go to her website: http://www.dentalpracticesolutions.com

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