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Episode 24: MOMgienists® Take on Professional Bullying Part II

Episode 24: MOMgienists® Take on Professional Bullying Part II

6/10/2017 3:25:51 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 71

MOMgienists are tackling professional bullying, Part II.

Bullying is often talked about in mainstream news when it affects children or teenagers. It if often ignored when it plagues adults in the workplace or any professional organization. Many adults have endured some form of bullying at work or in professional organizations.

What is a professional bully? How can you identify the signs of bullying? What steps have some of your peers taken when encountering a professional bully?

This topic will be a series of episodes. This episode Jasmin, Christie, Amy Ericks, and Jennifer Frame get real and personal. 

MOMgienists is very thankful to have had Amy Ericks and Jennifer Frame a part of the show. They are brilliant and successful women that show that we can support one another as we achieve excellence in our industry.


Amy Ericks Bio:  I’m a wife of 13 years, a mom of 10 years plus 4 years (because let’s face it, each child is different and my parenting for the first doesn’t work for the second, so I add them together for collective parenting experience!), hygienist for 7, dental field for 12. I currently practice clinically part time, am starting a preventive dental hygiene care service in a local long term care facility (read about my adventures here at DentistryIQ), and parent the rest of the time. I hope to inspire, encourage, entertain, and help grow people through any of my insights. I look forward to letting you peek inside my days. Reach me at

Jennifer Frame Bio: Jennifer Frame graduated from Shoreline Community College in 2009 and earned her baccalaureate degree from Eastern Washington University. She served as President of the Washington Dental Hygiene Association 2013-2014 and earned the 2014 Esther Wilkins Future Leader Award from ADHA. Jennifer currently practices clinically full time and also works as the Lead Clinical Representative of the Northwest Territory for Young Dental.


What we discuss: 

  • Introduction
  • Garlough's Article on Bullying: LINK HERE
  • Jennifer shares her story
  • Standing up for yourselves
  • Amy shares her story
  • Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness
  • Final thoughts

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